Service Charges

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(Only applicable to Malaysia)

Home Entertainment Products Charges
Mini / Midi / Micro Combo System, Home Theatre System, CD Player / Mixer / Equalizer / Tuner / Turn-table RM50
Cassette Deck / CD Recorder RM50
LD / DVD Player RM60
A/V Surround Amplifier / Power Amplifier / Pre-Amplifier / Active Sub-Woofer (A / S-W / S-RS / SA / VSX / VSA / VSX-S / VSX-C / VSX-D / Infinity Subwoofer) RM80
A/V Surround Amplifier/Power Amplifier/Pre Amplifier (SC-LX / VSX-LX / VSX-AX / SC) RM120
DVD Recorder RM60
Stand Alone Speakers RM40
Headphone RM40
Plasma TV RM150
Projection TV RM90-150
Speakers/Accessories RM40
Car Entertainment Products Charges
CD Player / CD Changer / Monitor / DVD Player / Tuner / Sound Processor / DVD Changer RM50
Active Speakers / Amplifier RM50
Speakers / Accessories RM40
Industrial Products Charges
LD/DVD Player, CDJ, DJM, CMX, LD/CD/DVD Auto-changer, Jukebox Multi-changer, Cube TV, Multiple CD/DVD, ROM Changer RM150 – RM200
Plasma Display RM150
Speakers / Accessories RM40
Others Charges
Transport Fees RM25-35
Service/Admin Fee for cancellation and no fault found RM20 – RM60
Toll Fees Base On Actual Receipt
Set Not Authorized For Distribution / Retail In Malaysia 3x service charge
3x Parts Charges


Price quoted is in Ringgit Malaysia and subject to change without prior notice.